According to NBC News, you and I will have to battle some crowds trying to get our Thanksgiving grocery shopping done. Just like the rest of 2020, we have a plethora of surprises, even when it comes to the classic Black Friday shopping. Walmart doesn't want to deal with their messy and overcrowded annual Black Friday craziness. So they have opted for three different Black Fridays.

So wait, there won't be a Black Friday stampede this year? I guess the idea of people getting trampled and contracting coronavirus at the same time isn't ideal. Bring in the two extra Black Fridays.

Here is the breakdown for the three different Black Fridays:

November 7th: Black Friday for toys, electronics, and home products.

November 14th: Black Friday for computers, movies, and music.

November 27th (Actual Black Friday): The final Black Friday, no idea what specifically they will have on sale.

Walmart is not the only retailer making huge changes when it comes to Black Friday. Amazon, Target, and Best Buy are all enticing consumers to kick off their holiday shopping early. The companies launched "deal days" this week and the discounts are worth looking into. Of course, the retailers are also encouraging their consumers to shop online and avoid crowds.

According to a coupon site, 31% of shoppers will start shopping much earlier this year to avoid the inventory issues many of us have experienced due to COVID-19. 51% of consumers are dealing with lower incomes due to the pandemic which means that they plan to spend less money this year and will shop much smarter.

Do you plan to shop during any of the new Black Friday deals?

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