I went grocery shopping with my fiance and we thought it would be just a regular day knocking out our shopping list. We always take that divide and conquer approach when we go to a store. Let me be very clear, I normally trust my better half when it comes to choosing the type of toothpaste, paper towels, and toilet paper I prefer.

When I saw him walking up to me with a brand I don't allow in my home I almost flipped on him. He saw the look on my face and quickly said "Don't freak out on me the toilet paper aisle is basically empty again!" the employee at the check out line confirmed it with a simple "Yep, people are panic buying again."

Have I been living under a rock? I didn't realize we were back in the panic buying phase. Insert facepalm emoji here.

ABC27 reported that stores throughout Pennsylvania are now implementing purchase limits like they did back in March. Granted we don't live in Pennsylvania, however, Louisiana isn't doing too great in the COVID-19 precaution department. Could we be next when it comes to seeing "Limit 2 per customer" signs?

Obviously, several corporations and manufacturers have beefed up their production and refuse to be in the same sticky situation they were when the first lockdown happened. You remember back when we were out of just about everything? Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

Do you think our local stores should bring back the purchase limits to slow down the panic buying? Please, for the love of your neighbor and everyone's mental health don't go out and panic buy.

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