Not too long ago Kiss Country sought submissions for our Hometown Riser competition and when all the dust of the voting had settled, Jonah Gonzales emerged as the winner and one of the Top 15 "Hometown" talents in the country.

The competition was narrowed from the first round of 34 competitors to the Final 15 and Jonah was named to that auspicious list!  Well, now you've got the chance to help Jonah move on in the competition and possibly become America's "Hometown Riser."

He just needs your votes!  Yep, VOTES!  In fact, you can vote every day (and please do) all the way through the end of the competition at midnight on June 18, 2018.

Described as quiet, but passionate about his music, Jonah, from Tyler, Texas, he's considered somewhat a "rockabilly poet."  Definitely a great representative of our area, this would once again prove that some of the greatest musicians in America, live right here in our neck of the woods.

In his original song that he used for the competition, "Don't Let Today Drag Me Down", which he wrote for a sibling, Jonah shows his deeper side as this one battles depression.  Jonah says, "And I carry these demons and scars on my heart. I'm tired of living every day in the dark. And I'm praying dear Lord if you hear me now, well don't let today drag me down." The song goes on to explain how, in many cases, people don't know when someone is struggling with depression.

Hope you'll take a second each day to help this talented singer/songwriter in his efforts to further his career!  VOTE FOR JONAH!

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