He is quiet, but when he speaks you listen and chances are he has something funny to add to the conversation. Jonah Gonzales kept his love for music a secret in high school, he was a talented baseball player, but when it came to college he dropped the glove for a guitar. Jonah worked hard to catch up to all his country artist peers, he started with voice lessons. Later he started going to see John DeFoore a guitar guru who has helped several artists like Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, and Ryan Beaver. DeFoore challenged him to write a song per week and now Jonah has a book full of songs.
Jonah graduated at 22 from UT Tyler with a GPA of 3.9 and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He pursued his love for music and dominated all his pre-med classes, to say he's a hard worker is an understatement. Before you go judging this handsome Tony Llama wearing, guitar toting, Levi sporting guy as just another "bro" in country, you need to know this guy is a rockabilly poet. He was born way after his time. Jonah Gonzales is the classic underdog, who writes music non-stop. You can catch him playing around the Ark-La-Tex; his hair, unique voice, and music style is hard to miss. His music reminds me of Elvis Presley, Dwight Yoakam, and Johnny Cash.

Jonah Gonzales will go up against 34 other Hometown Risers across the country in June. He was asked to pick a song for the competition and he chose "Don't Let Today Drag Me Down" which he wrote for a sibling. It's not every day you hear a song that just stops you in your tracks. If you or someone you care for has ever struggled in the battle against depression, you have to hear this one. "And I carry these demons and scars on my heart. I'm tired of living every day in the dark. And I'm praying dear Lord if you hear me now, well don't let today drag me down." The song goes on to explain how, in many cases, people don't know when someone is struggling with depression. "This depression lingers like a spiteful ghost, and I hide my heartache behind a smile. And every day I play pretend just like a child." How can we stand behind and support our friends and family members who suffer from depression? We love on them. "In this world all you need is love, to pull you through and lift you up." Well said Jonah. We are cheering on Jonah Gonzales as he moves into the next round of Taste of Country's Hometown Risers contest in June! In the meantime, you can catch Jonah's new album "Shades of Blue" on Apple Music.

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