Having a co-host is always an added value in a show. When your co-host is a handsome rockabilly poet who can sing and is easy on the eyes you never want to leave work! I was lucky enough to have Jonah Gonzales, Kiss Country's first ever Hometown Riser in the studio with me. Jonah is going up against 14 other finalists in the Taste of Country Hometown Riser's competition. Jonah needs all of us to be able to win this competition. I asked Jonah to get "political" since I have been inspired lately with the mayoral campaigns happening around town. There is still no word if Jonah plans to run for Mayor, he will probably stick with music.

Please don't forget to vote for Jonah from all your devices every 24 hours. Our time is running out, and every single vote counts! Click the button below and scroll to the very bottom where you will see Jonah Gonzales' name. VOTE, then vote again, let's show Nashville what Kiss Country can do!

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