I did not really understand why things are going so crazy over this Coronavirus, but my son sent me this video and it helps me see how serious this could be.

Yes, I'm hearing all the talk about this being politically motivated hysteria. And if you compare it to the Swine flu outbreak in 2009, these numbers are not much. But if you only watch the part of this video that shows how fast this Coronavirus is spreading in such a short time, you might have a better understanding about why all the medical experts are seriously concerned.

Please take a moment and watch this until at least the 3 minute mark. This might help explain why things are going a little crazy in our world today. This virus is spreading at a much more rapid pace than when you compare it to other outbreaks including the Swine Flu (H1N1) of 2009.

And the big question is how long will this Coronavirus be around? When will we have enough test kits and when will a vaccine be ready? These are questions that we can not answer yet.

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