Earlier this month, I reported that a group that was trying to have the statue of Sam Houston in Houston's Hermann Park removed may be part of a nation-wide ring of trolls just trying to stir things up.  They were supposedly riding on the wave of statue and memorial removals across the south.

A lot of heroes of the confederacy who had been immortalized in stone and/or metal were deemed offensive reminders of a very dark time in our country.  The group, claiming to be an anti-fascist collective, openly claimed it was planning a protest of the statue on June 10th.  That was yesterday, and (not surprisingly) the ANTIFA group was nowhere in sight.  By every account, this "group" is singularly focused on ticking people off on social media - not showing any kind of courage of their so-called convictions.

A very passionate group that definitely has the courage of their convictions did show up however.  That was a group of Texans (some armed) that would not be very pleased with the removal of a beloved statue that represented a very important part of Texas' history.

No group has formally called for the removal of this statue, but it is something to see the amount of Texans that showed up to make sure that never happens.

ABC News has a great story here with a few pictures.

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