Each and every week, Kiss Country wants to thank all those incredible men and women who have served our great country! We appreciate the sacrifices made by service personnel and their families, this week we salute a local Marine - Lance Corporal Thomas Beranek. 

Lance Corporal Thomas Beranek
Lance Corporal Thomas Beranek


This week's submission comes to us from Courtney Tamplin. Courtney would like to salute Lance Corporal Thomas Beranek .

Thomas is in the MARINES. He is 20 years old. He has been in the Marines since he graduated High School. He is stationed in Japan. He has been gone for over a year. He is right now in Afghanistan! He is engaged and waiting to come home so he can get married to the girl he loves.

Thank you Thomas for your service! We pray for your safe return and a long, happy marriage!

Salute Your Service Member

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