Now is probably a good time to check any and all old Powerball tickets you're in possession of.

Back in August, one lucky person in our great state won $1 Million on a Powerball ticket. The only problem? Clearly, they have no clue just how lucky they are.

If you're like me, you watch or follow the Mega Millions/Powerball drawings closely every time you purchase a ticket. Personally, I'll know whether I won or lost no later than 10:10 PM on the night of the drawing. I'm still here so clearly I have not won yet.

However, one person in Louisiana bought a Powerball and hit $1 Million, and never claimed their prize.

This winning ticket was sold back in August of 2018, and was purchased at Ideal Mart in New Orleans. So, if you or anyone you know was in New Orleans on that date, and bought a powerball ticket, YOU COULD BE THE BIG WINNER.... If you still have your ticket.

The ticket and the winnings will expire on February 21st.

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