According to Bustle, 8 year old Saga Vanecek pulled an ancient sword from a Sweden lake earlier this summer.

According to tale, originally from Montana, Saga and her family relocated to Sweden to be closer to family. Her family was staying at their summer house on the Vidöstern lake in Tånnö, Småland. Which literally sounds like something from The Vikings TV show. That is where the prophecy unfolds!

Saga was playing next to the lake when she saw something in the water. Twas not a stick... Nor a log... It was an ancient sword! Take a gander of the rusty thing below. According to BBC, the sword is 1,500 years old. They are calling it a pre-viking-era sword.

Although this happened earlier this year Twitter just heard about it, and Twitter is freaking out. Check out some of the reactions below.


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