I am a huge fan of two buck chucks, yeah it isn't my favorite go to wine, but when you start with a $2 bottle of wine and ease into a $12 bottle of wine, that $12 bottle tastes like heaven. I use two buck chucks for science experiments, which normally end in me singing Shania Twain to my dog in the middle of the living room. I LOVE SCIENCE! I love Trader Joe's. The coffee selection, the hummus, the cookie butter, so many delicious items and most of the time I am shocked at the check out line. I am convinced it's going to be super expensive and then my bank account gives me the green light when the total comes up. Trader Joe's is always a win!

Most of the time when I visit friends in Dallas I go to Trader Joe's and stock up on wine and yum yum's. Why should we have to wait for a mini road trip to enjoy the beauty of Trader Joe's? There's a Facebook group in Shreveport dedicated to bringing Trader Joe's to the SBC. Did you know all we have to do is request a Trader Joe's? Seriously. Check it out, and fill out a request form here. Let's bring Trader Joe's to the SBC!

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