A washer and dryer just for the dog bedding, now that is genius!

For Valentine's day Rhonda Adkins ordered herself a new washer and dryer. When Trace got home he asked...

the delivery guy what was going on and the poor fella just deferred to Rhonda, who ordered the appliances so that she would no longer have to wash the dog bedding in her primary washer and dryer.

This is the best "rich and famous" perk I have heard of yet. Just like Trace, I did not understand why on earth I would ever need two washers/dryers.

Trace told his wife “I have washed stuff in a washing machine that would make you throw up! And then the next load, you can wash a tablecloth. It’s a washing machine! That’s what it does. It gets dirty stuff out, flushes it down the thing and then it’s good to go again.’” according to Nashville Kat of www.tasteofcountry.com

I don't know about you, but I would love to take all those nasty towels that I dry the dog off with, the filthy hair covered dog bed, and whatever nastiness I come across out to my designated "super dirty stuff washer and dryer".  Well done Rhonda.