Trace Adkins has forged a new partnership, but it’s not with a label or another country artist or agency — it’s with his meat. Adkins has joined forces with the Louisiana-based company Hightower Enterprises to bring his celebrity name to Hightower’s Country Smoked Sausage. In a commercial for the product, Adkins is grilling out in the backyard, explaining why he chose to align himself with the company that’s been making his favorite sausage since 1972.

“You know, I’ve always tried my best to be honest, hardworking, reliable. And I like to believe that those traits are evident in my music and everything else I do,” he says, standing stone-faced beside a smoking grill. “I think you’ll find those traits are used to make Trace Adkins Hightower’s Country Smoked Sausage.”

The Louisiana native points out that the company makes their sausage in his old stomping grounds of northern Louisiana. In a recent press release, the ‘Brown Chicken Brown Cow’ hitmaker reveals that he also grew up on the product. “When you think about home cooking, you think about family and tradition,” Adkins remarks. “The Hightower’s family business was a part of my family’s meals growing up. I’m happy to join them as they expand beyond Louisiana to all the families served by Brookshire Grocery Company stores.”

If Adkins looks like a natural on camera, it’s because he is. The ‘You’re Gonna Miss This’ singer has made a number of television and film appearances in his career. His most recent cameo on the big screen was role in the film ‘Wyatt Earp’s Revenge.’

Watch Trace Adkins in Hightower’s Country Smoked Sausage Commercial

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