As we sit in the stands watching our favorite high school football teams this weekend I would like you to consider what you are really seeing. You are watching healthy young people. They are running, jumping, cheering, and living in a youthful moment that will become a cherished memory in time.

St. Jude Hospital is all about giving more of those moments to more and more children and families every year. This year, just by watching a high school football game and supporting your favorite team you can also support the lifesaving research at St. Jude.

Touchdowns Against Cancer is a new initiative in which people like you and I agree to pledge a certain amount of money for each touchdown our team scores. If your team scores two touchdowns and you've pledged $10 per score then you're making a $20 life-saving gift to St Jude.

The program will run from September 14th through September 30th so your help, your team, your pledge, is needed right now!

There are already several schools in Louisiana that are participating. We'd like to have more and have more fans participate. Here's how you can add your school's team to the roster of incredible high school programs across the country.

The defense may win championships but in this case, touchdowns save lives. Support your team, support the mission that no child might die in the dawn of life. Support Touchdowns Against Cancer with St. Jude.

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