Webster Sheriff's Deputies have located what appears to be paths mowed down by a probable tornado from last night's storm.  The towns of Heflin and Dubberly, and surrounding areas, suffered the hardest blows from the storm, leaving dozens of homes damaged.  Near the Nursery Road area in Dubberly, to Hwy. 531 just north of the center of town, visible areas of 60-75 yards of cleared and twisted trees leave deputies to believe that this was the mark of a definite tornado.  "The circular pattern of twisting wind is definitely visible," said Sheriff Gary Sexton. "It likely skipped and came very close to the ground in a few areas."  Signs of 12" diameter pine trees twisted and snapped in the center is one of the indicators; but it is an overturned and "spun" empty oil tank that leaves the greatest visual impact of the storm's power.  "This 16' in diameter, heavy metal oil tank was overturned and spun to the northwest of it's original location," explained Sheriff's HAZMAT Sgt. Don Willis.  "The storm was traveling northeast--so there's a clear indicator of rotating winds."  This oil tank sits among many in a tank battery just off US Hwy. 531 on the north side of the Town of Dubberly.  In addition, reports of damages to homes have climbed to approximately 20 with with moderate to severe damage; and approximately 20-25 more with minor damage.

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