It's not a coincidence that the three most populated cities in Louisiana are also the most dangerous, according to a new report from Moneygeek.  Using FBI data from 2021, the report calculated Crime Cost per Capita.

According to Moneygeek:

To assess the safest cities, MoneyGeek analyzed crime data, including violent crimes such as murder, rape and aggravated assault and property crimes such as home burglary and motor vehicle theft. MoneyGeek calculated each city's cost of crime and ranked the cities based on the cost of crime per capita. Additionally, researchers have quantified how much more violent crimes cost a community than property crimes. 


LSU Health New Orleans Criminologist Dr. Peter Scharf said if violent crime isn’t addressed it will only create more problems for Louisiana. 

“Like depopulation, further crime to lost cities,” said Scharf. 

It's not hard to guess which 3 Louisiana cities made the Top Ten Most Dangerous in the US list.  New Orleans was #8, followed by Shreveport at #9, and Baton Rouge at #10.

Dr. Scharf went on to say that Louisiana's poverty rate is one major factor, and selling drugs is, unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to make fast money.  Scharf said one has to look at the local response politically to crime from state and local governments.

“Have we invested in things like mental health? Do we have treatment programs in place that can reverse these trends? You’re not going to arrest your way out of this level of crime,” said Scharf


Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in the US

  1. St. Louis, MO $8457 
  2. Mobile, AL $8014 
  3. Birmingham, AL $7900 
  4. Baltimore, MD $7230 
  5. Memphis, TN $7184 
  6. Detroit, MI $6780 
  7. Cleveland, OH $6491 
  8. New Orleans, LA , $6,444 
  9. Shreveport, LA , $6,344 
  10. Baton Rouge, LA , $5,739 

Top Ten Safest Cities in the US

  1. Naperville, IL $156 
  2. Sunnyvale, CA $156 
  3. West Covina, CA $181 
  4. Carmel, IN $205 
  5. Glendale, AZ $210 
  6. Meridian, ID $230 
  7. Provo, UT $245 
  8. Joliet, IL $247 
  9. Jurupa Valley, CA $253 
  10. Sugar Land, TX $260 

Who Has A Higher Crime Rate: Bossier City or Shreveport?

These measurements are from the latest FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data from both Shreveport and Bossier City. The latest release for the pair was from 2019. While Shreveport has continued to release FBI UCR data, Bossier City has not released information since. Using the per capita measurement to fairly assess the populations of each city, here are the crime rates per 100,000 residents in both Shreveport and Bossier City for each UCR Violent Crime statistic.

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