Don't offer Toby Keith a Lite seems he prefers something with a little more kick! The country star turned business man is serving up a new drink - the "Wild Shot".  The drink is made with Mezcal - similar to tequila - and was previously only available in Mexico.  According to Toby,

“The tradition and history of Mezcal is magical to me. Mezcal dates back to the 16th Century warriors celebrating the defeat of their enemies. There is an agave worm in every true bottle. And, the worm is not there for the look, it is there to be eaten. It is believed that the worm will bring wondrous experiences and every individual will experience something different. I felt there was a complete void in the market place in getting this drink to the average person, so it seemed natural for me to start a business selling Toby Keith Mezcal. You drink it like tequila but I think it goes down a lot smoother. It is something I believe is to be enjoyed.”

Look for Toby's "Wild Shot" in stores and restaurants this spring.

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