Do You Remember When Dripp Donuts Introduced Us to the Brookie?

I Was Convinced It Was a Cute Name for Someone Named Brooke. Spoiler Brookie isn't a cute nickname for someone named Brooke, it's the best of 3 worlds all in one bite. The Brookie is part donut, part cookie, and part brownie. This wonderful creation was being served at Dripp Donuts in Downtown Shreveport.

Dripp Donuts VIA Facebook
Dripp Donuts VIA Facebook

The Wonderful Brookie Is Held Together With Chocolate Icing.

The delicious concoction is Dripp's July Flavor Spotlight. Dripp has donut lovers from all over the Ark-La-Tex Making their way to Downtown Shreveport. Shreveport-Bossier has experienced the goodness that is Dripp Donuts and now we are chasing all the crazy inventions.

Dripp Makes Gourmet Sourdough Donuts.

You probably recognize the Dripp logo from the black van spotted all over town hitting up random events and pop-up markets serving donuts. They make the traditional kolaches with delicious Down Home Sausage made in Stonewall, Louisiana. However, you can never guess what they will roll out next.

Dripp Donuts VIA Facebook
Dripp Donuts VIA Facebook

If You Love Biscoff Cookies or Cookie Butter, This Donut Will Make Your Life Better.

"We can almost taste the weekend!!…and if it’s half as good as our new Biscoff Cookie Butter donut, it’s going to be a good one. Happy Friday y’all! Come see us 7-4 today and Saturday at 421 Market St. Free parking in our lot with access off of Market St."

We Love Trying All the Delicious Inventions That Shreveport-Bossier Comes Up With.

Are we culinary geniuses? Absolutely. Well, we think we are anyway. If you want to try this new donut, visit Dripp Donuts at 421 Market Street, Shreveport, LA, United States, Louisiana.

If you see a delicious dish or yummy invention you can always contact me directly by messaging me here. 

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