Stuart Franklin; Getty Images
Stuart Franklin; Getty Images

I absolutely love Caddo Lake, mainly because it is a hot spot for big foot sightings. That is not the only good thing, they have a lot of fun and neat events that should definitely get more attention.

Recently they have held classes and walks to teach you how to forage in the forest and geocaching 101. The event they have coming up this Friday sounds super cool! They are having a Friday night Frog Chorus!  There will be a ranger talk where you will learn all about the frogs at Caddo Lake.

You don't have to register for the event, but the meet up will be at the amphitheater across from the fishing pier. Although the event is free you do have to pay for entry into the park. Entrance fees are listed below:

  • Adults (13 and up) $4
  • Children (12 and under) free

You can get more details on the event here.

This event is dependent on the weather.  If the weather gets bad the event could be cancelled. You can keep up with the latest weather forecasts here.

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