We have heard so many haunted places all over the Ark-La-Tex, however, most places that people claim are haunted are closed off to the public. If you're the kind of person who loves to be scared we may have just stumbled upon the best hangout spot for you.

It's Not so Much a Creepy Hangout But a Haunted Trail Unique to the Ark-La-Tex.

The Devils Knot Haunted Trail is located in Haughton.

The Name Itself Gives Me Goosebumps.

What can you expect at The Devil's Knot Haunted Trail? Besides a change of underwear? You can expect to get the snot scared out of you. I read some of the reviews and apparently, this place is super scary and will cause your heart rate to skyrocket.

Although I refuse to go and be scared for fun, this does seem like the place to get a good scare.

If you love Halloween or love getting scared, you can get tickets as early as today. The Devil's Knot will be open every Friday and Saturday from 7:30 to midnight. The fun kicks off  October 13th, 2023 and they close the trail down after Halloween night.

According to the Facebook page "The Devils Knot Haunted Trail , is an extreme trail of horror! Opens each October will you survive?"

Have You Experienced the Devil's Knot Haunted Trail?

What was it like? Share your experience with us.

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