Members of the tribe of Isle de Jean Charles Band of the Biloxi-Chitimatcha-Choctaw Indians know just what it's like to see everything they own get swallowed by Mother Nature.

The tribe, residing in Terrebonne Parish for more than 170 years, has seen most all of their land disappear under water right before their eyes.

In a fascinating article by we find that:

Because of numerous environmental factors, including numerous storms, oil and gas excavations, and sea level rise, this community is slowly sinking into the sea.

In 1963, the tribe called home to nearly 20,000 acres of the isle but by 1998, nearly 98% of all their land was underwater.

They did receive great news in January of 2016 as the US Government would provide funding for them to move to a new community.

This makes them one of America's first communities forced to relocate due to environmental reasons, but many others believe other communities in Louisiana are destined for the same fate.

What an incredible story accompanied by some fascinating photos at

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