So, there I am.  Bouncing through the wild internet, with my mind on the safari (browser joke).  That's when I caught sight of the gentle giant that would be my prey.  The beast of legend - the oldest gorilla on the planet.   What a beauty!

Turns out, my trusty guide led us to Little Rock.  Little Rock, Arkansas - not Little Rock, Africa.  That's where we found Trudy (and a really good Dairy Queen).  Trudy is 60 years old, and since January 17th (Colo - a gorilla at the zoo in Columbus, Ohio, passed away in her sleep) - she's the oldest Gorilla on the planet.  

Lets get to know Trudy!

This little firecracker was captured in the wild in Africa in 1957, so she's still a little wily! rowr!  She loves long walks through the lowland forests, and romantic dinners of fruits, leaves, pith, shoots and bark.  She weighs in at a svelte 200 pounds and has very strong opinions (rips arms off). According to Little Rock zookeeper Ann Radamacher,

She stands up for herself. She's very opinionated. The silverbacks are big males, but if they push her too far, kind of bully her, oh my, no one wants to suffer the wrath of Trudy," Radamacher said. "She will scream and go after them and put them in a corner and tell them exactly what she thinks. She has a strong personality."

All-in-all, Trudy is in great shape for a gal her age - and you should definitely make the trip to Little Rock to see her.  Just don't pay a guide to go on safari, that was kind of a rip-off.

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Getty Images - This was in the brochure

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