Blake Shelton paired with his final two The Voice contestants this season, Lauren Duski and Aliyah Moulden, for some very special performances during the Season 12 finale (Part 1) on Monday (May 22).

First was a duet with 15-year-old Moulden on the dance classic, "Dancing in the Street." The two rocked the stage, which was set like a vibrant jazz club, complete with giant basses and a horn section in the background, trading off vocals.

Though outside of his country element, Shelton stepped up to the plate for a spot-on delivery of the track, sounding like a natural on the soulful number. Both got friendly with the crowd, greeting fans as they sang, with Moulden holding her own next to the country superstar Shelton, beaming at her coach all the while.

The "Every Time I Hear That Song" singer later took the stage with his other team member, Lauren Duski, for a solid interpretation of the classic country song, "There's a Tear in My Beer," by the legendary Hank Williams Sr., which Shelton describes as one of his "favorites."

Shelton sang the first verse, sounding like his true-to-his-roots country self, as the duo embraced the song's traditional country sound. Both played guitar on a stage set up like an old-fashioned saloon, with Lauren's voice a breath of fresh air. She added a sweet element to the rugged song, proving she is a natural and fresh fit for country music of any style.

"There's a Tear in My Beer" really showed off her vocal range and confirmed that she can sing the whole country gamut, from traditional to contemporary. The two could take their act out on the road based how well their voices complement one another in a performance that ended with a big hug.

Duski and Moulden are competing to be crowned The Voice Season 12 champion when the results are read live Tuesday night at 8PM ET on NBC.

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