This season of Big Brother has been a little crazy compared to the last. We've had adults bullying one another, racist rants and lots of “showmances”. Unfortunately, like a bad car accident you just can’t look away. Or I couldn't look away.

It turns out the remaining contestants GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy are going to need the money. Due to being locked away in the BB House for more than 90 days they have no idea that they have all been fired from their real life jobs.

GinaMarie Zimmerman has been fired from her job as a pageant coordinator because of her racists comments and use of the N-word.

Spencer Clawson has been fired from his job as a train conductor in Arkansas for praising Hitler and making jokes about child pornography.

Lastly, Andy Herren who was actually one of the least controversial houseguests was just let go from his job as a public speaking teacher, apparently for supporting all the racism in the house.

The worst contestant by far this season was Aaryn Gries. The Texas girl was axed from her modeling agency for the endless barrage of racist comments she made. When she was evicted Julie Chen asked her about her comments which she blamed on her Texas roots. STUPID!!!!

The finale tonight should be interesting when they all find out just what America thinks of them. Oh and of course GinaMarie, Spencer or Andy will win $500,000. Personally, I hope Andy wins it. Ya, he was loyal to know one and lied a lot but he was the least offensive!

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