One of the hottest debates to rage at Christmastime isn't whether or not to open something on Christmas Eve, or if we have turkey or ham for dinner - it's all about the holiday-film status of Die Hard.  For 30 years some have argued that the events at Nakatomi Tower could have taken place at any time of the year.  They say that the Christmas party that Hans Gruber's terrorist/thieves interrupted in order to steal millions in barer bonds could have been any number of office celebrations held after hours with adult beverages, music, and bonuses for the employees (Karen in accounting's birthday, perhaps?).  To me, these are ridiculous reasons for people who hate Christmas and want to rob me off my joy.

Finally, all of the squabbling can cease.  The definitive authority in this matter has spoken.  According to the Washington post, movie studio Twentieth Century Fox has stated once and for all that not only is Die Hard a Christmas movie, it is “the greatest Christmas story ever told."  Boom!  Case closed.

To further drive home the point, check out the re-released Die Hard trailer.  Then have a happy holiday!  Yippi Ki Yay, Merry Christmas.

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