Don't bother with what everyone else may be eating... keep it Cajun!

The big game is on Saturday and if you're like me, you're ready for some big eatin'. I try to eat healthy on a regular basis, but when it comes to sports, holidays and girls night out I typically break those healthy habits. With Sunday's game, I'm definitely ready for some carbs.

Of course the rest of the nation will be eating things like chicken wings, pizza and chips. However, in Louisiana we have our own Cajun food group. Why would we change that for a big gathering like the Super Bowl?

Here's what I would put on a Cajun Super Bowl menu...

- Boudin in a Blanket - similar to a pig in a blanket, but cajun-fied
- Crawfish Queso - seems like a big crawfish boil is a staple for any get-together so why not use some of that tail meat for your dip too? Maybe add some white, lighter cheese to your regular mix as it might pair better with the crawfish
- Classic Crawfish Boil - Go on with your bad self and boil up some crawfish, potatoes, and corn. Don't be afraid to go big... it's a long game after all
- Gumbo - because there's never a reason not to serve gumbo
- Beignets - A delicious sweet treat to finish off the meal or, in all honesty, cleanse the palate before diving back into that crawfish. Bonus point is your serve these next to a chocolate fondue fountain.
- King Cake - It's not a coincidence that the biggest game of the NFL season falls in the middle of Mardi Gras season. No, it's actually divine providence so take advantage of it
- SBC's Finest Craft Beer - Get you a few packs of your favorites from Great Raft, Flying Heart, or Red River

There you have it. Simple and sure to please a crowd. No, you won't find anything green on this menu. Well, except for the icing and sprinkles on the King Cake.

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