As the Christmas holiday approaches, a lot of healthy eating habits just kind of fade away.  "Moderation" isn't really a term that goes well with the tons of foods available this time of year.  In Louisiana, where delicious (and not always healthy) food is our jam, that's especially true.

That being said, I was surprised to find out that the most Googled question in the Sportsman's paradise is: "Should I diet?"  When you consider that we live in one of the top 5 most obese states in the country with 36.8% of the population have a body mass index at or higher than 30 (Louisiana ranks #4), and you look at the fact that we produce and consume some of the most decadent food in the world - you would think watching what we eat is really not part of the Louisiana experience.  You would be wrong.

According to AT&T, the more you look at the data - the more it really makes sense.  Texas and Florida share "Should I join the military?"  as their most Googled question.  Those 2 states are also in the top 5 for the country when it comes to the number of active and reserve military members.

To round out the quandaries of the Ark-La-Tex, the most Googled question in Arkansas is: "Should I get a Flu shot?" - so, I wouldn't go to the Natural State if you haven't had yours.

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