Rejoice McDonald's McRib lovers, the "Saucy, tangy, tender and shamelessly delicious" sandwich is coming back. If you avoid getting excited because the McRib doesn't show up to your local McDonald's, this comeback is nationwide, all 14,400 of the McDonald's restaurants in the US will be bringing it back. We got it straight from the source, McDonald's News announced the joyous occasion last week.

In previous years, the McRib was only sold at select locations. This sparked outrage by many McRib aficionados that had to drive to certain McDonald's locations for their fix, which also caused long lines at certain restaurants. We can all agree that long lines are a thing of the past thanks to COVID-19 right?

So since lines are officially a "no-no" in 2020, McDonald's agrees, to avoid lines and McRibs are now available nationwide aka no long lines because every restaurant has them. The McRib makes its big comeback on December 2nd. The sandwich first appeared on menus almost40 years ago and it has been a fan favorite ever since.

What is the McRib? The sandwich is a boneless pork patty, shaped like a rack of ribs and smothered in barbecue sauce with onions and pickles.


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