Whenever I'm playing hostess to visitors from out of town, I make it a point to take them out to eat at local restaurants. I'm not knocking Olive Garden or Red Lobster, but let's face it, they just don't have our southern flair! A lot of the restaurants I frequent have been around for years, but because they're either small, or off the beaten path, maybe you haven't been there yet... or maybe it's been a while and it's time for a visit!

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    The Cub

    This might as well be included on the list of Shreveport Historical sites! The Cub opened in 1939 and has a storied history. At one point it was a drive in! Not only is it a fantastic watering hole, it's the home of the best steak and augratin potatoes in town! So next time you're out with your friends for happy hour, look in the corner at The Cub, there's a door to heaven right there with about eight tables ready to serve up culinary bliss!

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    Herby K's

    Herby K's is pretty much a way of life for me and mine. It got it's start in 1936 and was named for the nickname original owner Herbert J. Busi Jr got while attending LSU Baton Rouge... Herby K! Herby and Mrs. Busi introduced the famous Shrimp Buster with it's signature secret sauce in 1945. It's been a hit ever since! I first met Angela Busi Doe through Quota Club in Shreveport. Ever since, I've always made an effort to support her family by patronizing Herby K's. Of course, the food is more than enough to keep you coming back time and time again for more!

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    The Mabry House

    Whether you're dining in the restaurant, one of their private rooms or at their exclusive chef's table, Steve and Ginger along with their experienced and courteous staff will make sure you have a gustatory experience that you won't forget! Plus, the ambiance is fantastic! Where else can you eat a candle lit dinner in a gorgeous Victorian?

    And yes, that's me and my friends with Priscilla Presley! We met her by chance one night when we were at Mabry House for dinner!

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    Ichiban Sushi and Grill

    I'm personally a fan of the Shreveport location on Youree Drive. On Saturday afternoons during football season, it's a great place to grab a beer or cold sweet tea and some seriously tasty grub! I'm positively ADDICTED to their Avocado Salad! I haven't had a bad roll at Ichiban and their Bento Boxes are the bomb!

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    Blue Southern Comfort Foods

    Every once in a while a body needs some good old southern down home cooking and boy does Blue Southern Comfort Food deliver. From their pulled pork and grits to the 'Blue' burger, you can't go wrong at Blue!