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fried fish
Photo by Cheryl Gerber/Getty Images

There's just something about the hot summer months that will make a southern boy (or girl) crave fried fish. I guess it's the salt we crave from all the sweating we do in the heat.

And before I get started, I know! I know your Daddy, or your Uncle Bill, or your husband, cooks the best fried fish of anyone. And they can do it with whole bream, or white perch or bass fillets, maybe it's catfish. Hey, they could make a carp taste good. But, we're not all invited to Uncle Bill's house, so for this purpose, we're only talking about those places where we could all go for supper tonight.

And since we're talking "commercial" places, it's all about catfish. Those whiskered, bottom feeders, and just how good different places make them with a good peanut oil bath!

Oddly enough, we still have several great places to choose from. Unlike when I was a kid, when we only had two places to go. But those places were famous the world over. Course, you had to make that decision on a Friday night. Was it going to be Cypress Inn on Cypress Lake or Kool Point on Caddo Lake?  Wow, the memories a lot of us old timers have in those places.

So, without further adieu, in my opinion, here are the absolute places around to go for that fried fish with all the trimmings!

The Best Places For Fried Fish in Shreveport-Bossier

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