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The times, they are a changing here in northwest Louisiana. We think you'll be surprised by the results of the most expensive zip code in the greater Shreveport-Bossier City area.

When you saw the headline, if you're like me, you immediately thought the most expensive zip code would be the Southern Trace (71106) area of south Shreveport. After all, Ellerbe Road is synonymous with old money in Shreveport. However, that's not it... at least not anymore. Then I thought maybe the Stonebridge area (71111) off of Swan Lake Road in Bossier might be the priciest zip code. That area is growing fast and each house built seems to be bigger than the last. But that's not it either. The most expensive zip code in northwest Louisiana encompasses the town of Stonewall, sitting on the outskirts of the City of Shreveport in Caddo Parish, in the ritzy 71078.

That's right! According to data compiled by Stacker using information provided by, Stonewall is the 15th most expensive zip code in the state of Louisiana. According to the data provided, homes in Stonewall have an average value of $297,617, 64.7% higher than the median home value in Louisiana. Experts say those values will continue to rise over time. Even more interesting, the town of Benton (71006), located in northern Bossier Parish, is next on the list for our area, coming in as the 27th most expensive zip code in the state. I knew Benton was growing, but I certainly had no idea the average home value clocked in at $267,497.

With the housing market as hot as it is in our area and interest rates at historic lows, I can't imagine homes in those two areas area lasting very long on the market!


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