If you've ever wondered how folks were able to purchase property during parish property tax sales, this Wednesday is your chance to do it for yourself!

We've all heard about people picking up property dirt cheap and if you're like me, you've wondered how they did it. I'll never forget hearing that the property across from ours, roughly 20 acres, went for $20,000 and I've been kicking myself ever since... not that I had $20,000 on hand, but you get my meaning!

If you're so inclined, this Wednesday, June 7th is your chance to experience a property tax sale for yourself. The Bossier Sheriff's Office is hosting a tax sale for land/real estate with unpaid 2016 property taxes from 8am - 8pm.

According to Civic Source, the website hosting the online auction, there are 274 commercial and residential properties available to bid on. That number may be lower by Wednesday because owners have until Tuesday, June 7th at 4:30pm to pay the assessments and have their property removed from the sale. Online payments for late tax bills can be made until noon (12pm) Tuesday, June 6th on the Bossier Sheriff's website, after that, the payments in arrears must be made in person at the Bossier Parish Courthouse or at any of the Bossier Sheriff's Office substations. For any questions, you can call the Bossier Sheriff’s Office property tax department at (318) 965-3400.

I've gone through some of the listings and there are quite a few interesting pieces of land up for grabs. If you want to bid, preview the properties or just see how it all works, everything is explained at Civic Source. Happy bidding!

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