How are you most likely to die in the state of Louisiana? Whatever the punchline to the joke that you just thought of is, it's most likely wrong. Well...maybe.

There are a lot of people who people who probably read a headline like this, and think something along the lines of "getting shot". While we'd like to believe that's a stretch, and wouldn't make this list...that answer is sort of there. Homicide actually does crack the top 10 now.

While that's pretty scary, the others on the list may actually be more terrifying...because you can stop these killers yourself. Most of what's on the list are things that you can either control, or at least monitor, in your life.

This list isn't full of things like "gator attacks" or "hurricanes". It turns out a lot of the major killers in Louisiana have to do with your own personal health. Decisions you make on a daily basis can actually play into whether or not you're at risk of falling victim to these killers.

Take a look at the list, and see if you think you're at risk for one of the most likely ways to die in Louisiana...

Top 10 Most Likely Things to Kill You in Louisiana

After researching data from previous years, these are the most likely things to take you out if you live in the Sportsman's Paradise. With a little careful planning and this information, you could live a long and happy life in Louisiana.

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