Texting has changed my life... literally. I remember when I had my first Nokia and texted friends, who didn't even know what was happening. Somehow, it caught on and it has amplified my ability to multi-task by like 100.

Texting brought me to dating my boyfriend. He was showing me how Speech-to-Text worked by slyly asking for my phone number to try it out. Then I was too embarrassed to look at him because I had a crush on him, so our only conversations for about 3 months (although we were in the same building every day) were via text.

I stopped using Speech-to-Text when my phone thought I said "Mario Game" when I actually said "Birthday Cake." Whatever, I'm in the south, I get it.

Well, I am not on the iPhone bandwagon. I have a Droid. And one feature of my Droid is something called Swype. It's where you draw lines through the letters you want to use and it predicts what you're trying to say. Great in theory right? So, Swype should be better. So, this is what I Swyped,

"I desperately need my hair done."

This is what was texted,

"I deerstalker need my gator done."

I would give my "smart phone" credit for being remotely regionally accurate since it IS deer season and I AM in Louisiana so deer and gators make sense... but I didn't even realize that was a word. Deerstalker? Really? Like the only time I think that word has been used is one of those hunting shows my dad watches that I fondly refer to "Deer Peeing in the Woods" or like on some Redneck hunting game that he'd play.

Which reminds me... the other day I asked my boyfriend if deers hibernated. Yeah. Before he could even answer, I remembered all the corn my daddy has loaded up all year long to feed those deer MY ENTIRE LIFE. I swear I don't know how I have gone through life this far. lol

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