If you woke up Thursday morning to a very strange text message, you're not alone. Random texts that were sent months ago (mostly in February) were delivered in the wee hours of the morning Thursday, leading to mass confusion. Social Media was flooded with stories of random texts from exes, the dead and people who haven't talked in months.

At this point in time, no real explanation has been given to why the messages were delivered after being stuck in limbo for months. A spokesperson for Sprint said that the delay in delivery was the result of a maintenance update. T-Mobile claims that the issue was 3rd party vendor's fault. Verizon and AT&T have completely avoided the issue to this point.

No matter what the explanation, the out of context texts were weird, alarming and very confusing. But, in some cases, brought some who drifted apart together. So I guess, despite the confusion, the mishap wasn't all bad.

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