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On Nov. 21, 2021, officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department responded to an unresponsive person call at a house reportedly shared by Gloria Jordan, Gloria Farmer, and a 3rd unnamed roommate.  When they arrived, authorities found Farmer's lifeless body on the floor.  The initial conclusion as to the cause of death was that it was medical in nature - but that was far from the end of this story.

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A Family Friend Raised the Alarm That Farmer's Death Was Not From Natural Causes

During the investigation, officials were approached by an unnamed family friend of Farmer's who told them that there was way more to the story.  The concerns voiced were valid enough to warrant a follow-up examination in to the circumstances of Farmer's death.  According to Law & Crime, that investigation has produced some shocking new details.

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A Second Round of Questioning By Texas Investigators Revealed Dark Details About Gloria Farmer's Death

The unnamed, 3rd roommate was reportedly brought in by police for a second round of questioning about what caused Gloria Farmer's passing.  Armed with new information from the family friend, interrogators asked more specific questions about the mysterious death.  According to KWTX, that's when the roommate told police that 41-year-old Gloria Jordan sat on Farmer's chest and killed her.

The Witness Was Afraid of Telling Texas Police What Happened to Gloria Farmer

The unnamed roommate told investigators that she didn't come forward with what she knew about the death because she was afraid Jordan would retaliate.  She told police that while Farmer sat in an office chair, Jordan placed her hand on Farmer's forehead and pushed.  That caused Farmer and the chair to fall over backwards.

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Gloria Jordan Allegedly Sat on Her Victim Until She Couldn't Breathe

While the alleged victim was laying face up on the, the unnamed roommate told investigators that Jordan straddled her chest and wouldn't get up despite Farmer telling her alleged attacker that she couldn't breathe.  The roommate reportedly tried to help Farmer by attempting to push Jordan off of her, but she wouldn't budge. The 170-pound-Jordan allegedly sat on Farmer until she stopped breathing.  The official autopsy results list "mechanical asphyxia" as the cause of death, that meant that this was now a homicide investigation.

Gloria Jordan Admitted to Texas Investigators That She Sat on Her Roommate's Chest

When police questioned Gloria Jordan for the second time about the death on November 24th, she reportedly admitted to straddling Farmer in a "praying position," but declined to answer any further questions.

This Isn't the First Time Gloria Has Been Accused of Violence in Texas

Gloria Jordan was arrested by the Burkburnett, Texas Police Department on a manslaughter charge and is currently sitting in the Wichita County Jail on a $150,000 bond.  She is also facing charges from a separate incident where she is accused of slamming a woman's head into a wall multiple times because the alleged victim refused to drive her to Dallas without receiving gas money.  Jordan was allegedly yelling “I rebuke you in the name of the Lord,” during the attack.

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