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Who knew that a new dress code would get people fired up online? Everyone? Yeah, it's 2021, pretty much everyone knows that a new dress code will upset people on the internet.

No matter what the new dress code says, there's going to be someone online who has a problem with it. Legendary Texas restaurant Turkey Leg Hut is the latest example.

"Controversial" is probably the most commonly used term to describe the new dress code for the Houston hot spot. But its not all negative response for Turkey Leg Hut. There have been people who have been celebrating the new dress code, and some peer businesses adopting the exact same dress code in support.

So what's the deal with the new dress code? Here's what Turkey Leg Hut posted that got everyone fired up:

So that's it...that's the dress code. Here are some of the most commonly referenced points that seem to have people fired up:

-no excessively revealing clothing (shorts must cover your entire bottom)
-no obscene language or baggy clothing
-no house attire (including wave caps, du-rags, house shoes, or shower caps)
-no exposed undergarments (including sports bras, bras, panties, or garments resembling these items)
-no swimwear of any kind is allowed

Owner Nakia Price released a statement on the new dress code, which included:

“Our dress code policy is not meant to target or offend anyone but rather provide our guests with an acceptable clothing guide so that all guests and staff will feel comfortable in our establishment”

Again, this massive response to the dress code change hasn't been all negative. In fact, there has been a lot of support on social media as well. But that's why the word "controversial" fits the best, and as a wise man once said..."controversy creates cash".

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