The best pranks are the ones that are in plain sight, but go completely unnoticed.

They say if you don't like something, you should do something to change it. I'm not sure those great "modern philosophers" had this in mind when they came up with that idea. Two guys with a dream to see someone like them in McDonald's in-house advertising.

According to KHOU 11 in Houston, two friends were enjoying a meal at a Pearland McDonald's when they noticed the posted hung around the restaurant. Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo saw some diverse faces, but none that represented their Asian heritage. Rather than write a letter or boycott the burger chain, they decided to fix it themselves.

The two shot their own promotional photos, printed them off on poster board and recruited some friends to help them hang it.

Somehow they were able to pull off this incredible stunt without being caught. The best part is that their work actually hung on the wall of that McDonald's for more than 50 days. Not a single person picked up on it. Not event he woman who swept that area multiple times each day.

See how it all went down here:

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