In Highschool I remember seeing bathroom stalls and walls written on with catty messages, rumors, and the always popular "So and So" was here. Every now and again you will see hearts with initials and maybe some sassy cursing. However, I don't recall ever seeing positive statements in my high school bathroom stalls.

According to CNN, parents at a Mary Moore Elementary School in Arlington, Tx decided to do something positive for the 5th grade students. They spent 37 hours painting positive messages and statements on the bathroom walls and water fountains.

Click here to check out some of the images.

Some of the quotes painted on the walls include: "Bloom where you are planted." "Every day is a chance to get better." "Your mistakes don't define you." "Let your light shine." "You will move mountains."

I think this is awesome. Parents taking time to cheer the students especially when they are applying themselves to standardized testing and the fear that is surrounding schools with the current political climate. Nonetheless, kudos to these parents for being awesome and doing awesome things.

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