KLTV reports a very sad and tragic story coming out of Dallas from the past Saturday as a 6 month old baby dies after 911 put the babysitter on hold for over 30 mins. The mother says she was attending her nephews funeral when her babysitter called after the child "fell and wouldn't get up" saying she has been calling 911 multiple times but no one was answering.

The mother said she rushed home and took her son to the hospital but by the time they arrived he had stopped breathing.

The city says the issue comes from an ongoing issue with T-Mobile. Dallas officials said they had a surge of "ghost calls" coming from T-Mobile numbers on Saturday night at one point receiving over 400 calls causing people to be placed on hold for over 30 mins.

KLTV says according to Dallas City Officials if a T-Mobile user calls 911 the call continues to ring which registers as hangups causing dispatchers then to have to call the numbers back. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told CBS "If you've got a T-Mobile phone service be very, very careful because you may not be able to get into 911" and is demanding answers!


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