There's been a lot of new phone scams going around recently like the one Bossier Police warned to community about involving the IRS or the scam where they trick you into saying Yes and then sign you up for whatever they want to steal your money. Now there's a new one that is just plain sick going after good hearted people. warns that if you get a phone call or text from a 473 area code you should never respond! The area code is from out of this country and they're tricking people in whats being called the "473 Scam". These scammers are calling or texting sounding like they're desperate for help because of a medical emergency or that they're being attacked and then hanging up. says when you call them back you're being charged an automatic fee!

There are other area codes being used but the main one is 473 which is a Grenada area code. To prevent yourself from being a victim of this scam it's simple do not answer the calls but after they call block the number!

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