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Here in Louisiana, the newly governor ordered mask mandate has gone into effect. By proclamation of Governor John Bel Edwards, until at least July 24, all citizens of Louisiana over the age of eight has to wear a face covering mask any time the person is inside any business or outside and a minimum of six feet social distancing cannot be observed. He additionally closed all bars and limited any indoor gatherings of more than fifty persons. However, it is not those restrictions I'm here to discuss, it's that mask mandate.

And while I'm not here to debate the mask mandate itself, I have determined that there are a number of things that just can't be done wearing a mask and that in order to actually do some of these that mask will have to be removed. I mean, with these masks, you really can't read someone's face. You can't tell if they're smiling or frowning. Just imagine you were trying to identify someone who'd just committed a crime. Nearly impossible.

Let's just hope that this mandate serves its purpose and we turn the COVID numbers around and that we are able to return to some form of normality in the very near future.

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