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We've all seen the ads for Temu and Shein on social media, but have you ordered from either of them? Both websites seem to have a cult-like following. So which one is Shreveport-Bossier City, LA's favorite?

Let's face it, times are tough and folks are looking to save money everywhere they can. While I 100% support shopping at locally owned and operated businesses, if it's something I would have ordered from Amazon or purchased from Walmart, I don't mind branching out. That's where websites like Shein and Temu come in. We've all seen them on social media advertising super cute clothes and gadgets you just have to have at unbelievable prices. In fact, sometimes the prices are so good, most of us are skeptical. Surely, there's a catch, right?

Here's my personal experience with both Temu and Shein.

Well, I've ordered from both and nothing bad has happened yet. I haven't seen any crazy unauthorized charges show up on my credit cards or anything else but to be fair, I paid using PayPal on Temu. I entered my credit card information directly on the Shein website. Personally, I haven't figured out the sizing on Shein. I've only had one thing fit correctly, but I love it. Everything else came so big I had to give it away. So far I've loved everything I've ordered from Temu. In fact, I wore a dress from Temu last week to a baby shower and got a ton of compliments. I like the quality of the clothing from Temu better than Shein as well. But that's just my personal opinion. In short, my personal preference is Temu.

So, what does the rest of Shreveport-Bossier City think of Temu vs. Shein?

It looks like the two are pretty evenly matched to me. What do you think of my highly unscientific poll? Sound off by shooting me a message via our station app or send me an email at

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