The man in the picture above is William Bottoms Jr..  This 29-year old Louisiana native is accused of being a stone cold murderer, but his defense team is arguing that he is just misunderstood.  William's lawyers claim that he is misunderstood, and they could prove it - if they could just get a jury that could look past his terrifying and satanic face tattoos.  

The Greenwell Springs man stands accused of pulling the trigger in the June 2017 shooting deaths of 23 year old Dedrick Dewayne Williams and 29 year-old Mohamed Sead Hussain.  Both men were found dead in the back of a car with a sheet draped over their bodies in a rural part of Grangeville.

According to the Advocate, prosecutors are claiming that Bottoms shot both of the men in the head during a drug fueled, paranoid rage. Reportedly, this happened in Megan Marie Gaylord's car - while she was driving.  Gaylord, Bottoms' girlfriend at the time, is set to testify for the prosecution in this case that the double murder happened while the 4 were doing drugs together.  The defense is claiming that if that they could qualify a jury with no prejudice for the literal devil horns, demon teeth, and hellfire tattoos across his face - they could prove their client is innocent.

Bottoms' legal team hasn't found an unbiased jury yet, despite spending the better part of this week talking to people in hopes of moving the case along.  If this proves impossible and the defense files for a change of venue, there is a small chance that this trial could come to Shreveport in hopes of finding an unbiased jury.

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