The best part of all... The classic is only $2 today only.

Today is National Donut Day. It's a glorious day. I would personally like to shake the hand of the person who came up with this idea and had the courage to make it a reality. On a day as wonderful as this, why would you settle for a glazed donut. What if I told you of a place that serves up gourmet, specialty donuts with all of your favorite fillings and toppings?

Tom + Chee in Bossier City does just that.

They take donuts, slice them in half and grill them. Their classic donut is a glazed donut with cheddar cheese in it, grilled to perfection. Hey! Don't knock it until you try it. It's a fabulous combination of sweet and salty. And it all melts in your mouth. In honor of National Donut Day, this baby is just $2.

But that's just one of their donut options. You can get all sorts of combinations like strawberry lemonade with strawberries, lemon mascarpone, and mozzarella; bananarama with caramelized banana and gouda; or the choco bacon bliss with bacon, chocolate pieces, chocolate mascarpone and mozzarella.

And then there's my favorite... the s'mores. It's everything we love about s'mores on a donut.

So elevate your National Donut Day!

Tom+Chee Bossier City via Facebook
Tom+Chee Bossier City via Facebook

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