It is finally here. The day we have all been waiting for... (insert dramatic music here) National Donut Day! Hold your applause and don't rush to the nearest donut store just yet.

According to news sources, there are several places around town that are having specials and deals- some are even giving you free stuff.

  • Edible Arrangements will be giving away chocolate covered apples decorated to look like donuts. The location on Youree Drive in Shreveport is your best bet to grab yourself a "kind of" donut.
  • Dunkin Donuts will be doing a fun little buy a beverage and get a free donut deal.
  • Papa Johns (BTW- totally had no idea they were in the donut game) will be giving away free donut holes with any online purchase.

According to their Facebook page, Southern Maid is dedicating their day of celebration to the Salvation Army.

However you celebrate this glorious day enjoy it with a friend or a family member or just say that your grabbing a donut for a friend and then you can have two donuts to yourself. That is still pretty special.

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