Taco Bell has become quite the innovator in the field of experimental and exotic taco shell materials.  They were the fast food scientists that created the Doritos Loco Taco that combined the very popular flavored tortilla chips as the shell of their famous(ly cheap) tacos.  Then they turned the research and development to the fried chicken taco shell for their Naked Chicken Chalupa.

The latest breakthrough in taco science coming out of the Taco Bell Labs has been announced - and it is egg-ceptional.  The brand new Naked Egg Taco will elevate your psuedo-Mexican breakfast food expectations to new levels.  The newest culinary invention will be available to the public at the end of the month, and will enhance the already sizable south of the border breakfast menu at the Bell.

The Naked Egg Taco will be filled with potatoes and cheese, and if you are in New York City today for some reason - you can be the first to try it.  The Bell & Breakfast event that's happening there today will give test pilots their first bite of the experimental day starter.  The soft launch campaign will continue at Taco Bell restaurants in Laguna Beach, Calif., on August 25, Austin, Texas, on August 26, and Chicago on August 27.  After that, everyone will get a crack at it on August 31st for just $1.99.

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