The Supreme Court has spoken, and they have said that access to social media is a constitutional right - even for sex offenders.  Just to be clear, it has been decided that convicted sex offenders now have free and unfettered access to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like as long as they don't break the law while doing so.

This new ruling supercedes a North Carolina ruling that banned sex offenders from logging on to the sites.  The highest court in the land stated that "it is unconstitutional to ban an entire group of people from it (social media) without criminal cause."

Under the old rules, if a sex offender posted anything at all on a social media network - they could be arrested for accessing a system that allowed underage users to access it as well.  Strangely enough, a loophole in the old law diallow registered sex offenders to access online chat rooms and photo sharing sites.  With more than 850 sex offenders listed on the Caddo Parish Shefiff's Office website, this gives me little comfort

The NY Daily News has more here.

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