The Super Bowl has come and gone. After several days of drenching rain, it would appear that we are finally in for a little drier weather.

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Glasses of wine

So, it might be time to sit back and relax with a glass of your favorite chardonnay.

Now, I'm not talking getting commode hugging, knee crawling drunk, hiding out in a dark alley with your bottle wrapped in a paper sack, but this Sunday, February 18, might be your best chance to pop that cork and try and forget all this madness.

Damaging the cork when you try to remove it so you push bits of cork into the wine

All kidding aside, this Sunday is National Drink Wine Day, so it'll be perfectly acceptable to have that glass of your favorite fermented grapes.

According to,

Wine has been a staple in human culture since its invention in 7000 BC. Some ancient societies enjoyed their wine so much, they even worshiped it!

Not only dies wine pair great with steak, it has a secret skill. Did you know that wine has natural tannins that tenderize the steak?

Worshiping your bottle of Merlot might be taking it a bit too far, but a new survey suggests that nearly three fourths of all American adults will have one or two glasses of wine. However, 9% might go a little over the top and drink at least five glasses, or just finish the whole bottle.

The survey also suggests that Merlot is America's favorite type of wine followed by Zinfandel. Behind that is "I don't know my wine types." (I'm betting that was actually number one but the surveyors were afraid to give it it's rightful designation)

Some other findings from the survey were a little on the humorous side. Like 3% of wine drinkers say they always cry when they drink wine and 9% say that wine gives them worse hangovers than any other type of alcohol.

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