Love him or hate him, chances are you have several friends who are freaking out with excitement after hearing Sturgill Simpsons big news. Simpson has been known to dodge journalists, and avoids any form of country music award shows, and now he can be known for a singer turned actor. Sturgill Simpson will be making his acting debut come August 30th! CBS All Access series "One Dollar" will have several big names like John Carroll Lynch, Philip Ettinge, and Christopher Denham. Simpson will transform into Ken Fry, a steelworker who gets laid off and has to find a way to make ends meet, even if it isn't legal.The small town is dealing with a mysterious murder at the mill. You can see the official trailer for "One Dollar" here.

The show will air on CBS's streaming video service every Thursday Get hooked on the latest small town murder mystery. We are eager to see how Sturgill Simpson does on the big screen and we are cheering him on every step of the way!

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